"Impressive" hand written script and dingbat/ornament

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I'm looking to ID the the woodcut/dingbat ...

The font was successfully identified ... thanks!

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Edit: I found my first post ... the title was changed and I sailed right past it ... my apology.

Still looking to ID the design.


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The problem is, even if you think you've seen it before (I think I've seen it), there are soooo many hand-fonts from soooo many sources on the internet now, that it is daunting to even think about looking for it.

Here's a bunch:

Here's some more:

And that doesn't even scratch the surface. It is almost a national pastime to have your handwriting made into a font. I even did it once at a website that does it automatically:

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Now that's a scary thought ... to have my handwriting made into a font!!! :)

Your response is appreciated. Thanks for the links.


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You can locate your posts by clicking on your name here in this thread which takes you to your profile page. Then click "Track".

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Thanks! Helpful :)

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