Phyta, a 'tapeface' with calligraphic rhythm

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Hey guys!

Well, as the title says, this is an experiment with 'tape', calligraphy and rhythm. It's the first draft and some glyphs aren't that good, but here we go... ;-)

Comments, critics, ...

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I'm not sure I've ever seen anything quite like it. It's almost unreadable (to me), but it is a unique effect.

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hmm, i agree - it is unreadable. adjust the t.

also may i suggest - try looking to ribbions for fluidity and then create an example of that with tape.

i actually do have a jacket that has a tape styled type that looks so realistic people come up to me and try to peel it off! haha, oh joy!


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The effect to me is like an irregular heartbeat on an EKG machine. I don't think calligraphy enters into it either. This is a 'constructed' type face. Type needs a purpose before it can be good. Tell us how you see this type being used. If you are not sure - become more sure & then keep going. Or put it down & come back to it.

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Tonight on local news nine: when Ogham meets Arabic!

Seriously, it’s worth experimenting with this one. Obviously it’s not the most useful font, but with a lot a tweaking to make it legible it would be a very, very cool font.

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Thank you James. I already had discovered an arabic feeling on it, but I didn't know Ogham. It's a very interesting system... I'll look more carefully on it.

This is an old concept revisited - I think the first time I sketch something in this way was in 2003 - so, maybe it got a nice 'maturation time'.

I understand when you said it's 'constructed', but I think it's 'constructed' only in the way I show it here - tape/ribbon. I'm trying to get it very fluid. Imagine it only with line, drawn by hand. Isn't it looks more fluid?

Great part of the glyphs I did with just one 'line', others I didn't found yet how to do it, but I think it has and interesting rhythm when composed... By the way, as I said, it's an experiment, and legibility isn't my priority. I'm highly interested first in concept, aesthetics and, of course, rhythm...

My first thought about the usage isn't like a font necessarily, but in 'live action', with tape over urban surfaces, like a mixture of typography/calligraphy, tags and graffiti. Something close to Sagmeister's ones, but in a more 'artistic' way...

Well, I'll get some ribbons to play with. ;-)

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Seeing it in two colors on your flickr page does make it easier to understand and help it somehow too.

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You are right Eben. A new pdf is avaliable... ;-)

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If you release it you could have two fonts - one for each side of the ribbon. The new PDF is helpful.

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I think it can be done with caps and lower case. If anyone have another way to do it, please let me know. :-)

By the way, I'm thinking about release it in 2 versions -- ribbon and sketch (with a calligraphic stroke) -- and both with 3 variants -- short, medium and long -- so you'll be able to compose your own rhythms... ;-)

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