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I feel lonely in here and am bored stiff.
Where is everybody?

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At AtypI probably.

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I've spent a good part of the day trying to get iTunes to...well it's a long story having to do with moving my library to an external hard drive and then having the drive letter change on me.

Ten hours and a dose of frustration later, I finally got it to reinstall and find all my music. Since it thinks it is a new library, it wanted to erase and re-sync everything on my iPod (not sure how many CDs, but on a 30 Gb iPod, I had to uncheck about 60 some CDs to make them fit.

I have the largest Mexican Trio collection of any white guy in North America, (I'm pretty sure). Also the largest collection of Lucha Villa, Lola Beltran, Chelo, and Maria Dolores Pradera recordings.

Right now it up to 5,000 of about 8,000 songs in the sync mode after about 2-3 hours (slow computer).

The watched iPod sync never boils, so I've been trying to do other stuff.

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Lola Beltran singing "Soy Infeliz" is a favorite of mine.

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Dennis, wouldn't it have been quicker to change the drive letter?

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That was only part of the 'long' story. So as to not advertise how air-headed I can be, I'll spare you the many-faceted details.

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Lola Beltran singing “Soy Infeliz” is a favorite of mine.

When I first heard it in Almodóvar's 'Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breaksdown', I was transfixed. It was after that I started combing stores in TJ and Ensenada, Guadalajara, wherever I could, looking for any old recordings.

On one of my favorites, she gives an incredible 2 hour performance on "Concierto En Vivo En Bellas Artes '76", near the end of her prime. I think it is out of print. (not to be confused with another concert she did there that isn't as good).

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iTunes. Bleah. I’m going to get some wacky Asian player that can handle FLAC next time.

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