Marian Bantjes - Sugar typography

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Saw some images on flickr with Bantjes in a lecture talking about type (and materials/excecution) There were some done in sugar. Does anyone know where this lecture was held and if it is available in any format for me to view?

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Any links to the flickr page? :-)

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Did you mean these? Eben Sorkin took them at the Seattle TypeCon...

You could try checking Marian's website for more info about this project, although I haven't seen it posted there...

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Hi Ricardo. Yep it was the same images as on Eben's flickr page but I saw them in another account and not Eben's but that is irrelevant now that you found Eben's site. Tnx

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Get Fox River Papers to send you a copy of the promotion they did last year featuring her work. It has images of sugar type—embossed!

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Saw her work again in San Francisco this week at Adobe/AIGA's Design Matters Live series. Was even more impressive the second time around as we got to hear her talk about her rise to stardom in an interview with Debbie Millman.

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I'm thinking of moving to Canada or the US. Nothing happens here in Norway:-(
Anyone wanna give me a job?;-)
I've been trying to get some lecturers over here but it's expensive and a logistic nightmare. It normally ends with interest. Not being able to make it fit with the designers schedule.

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Horton from thisdayintype did this.

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OK, maybe I'm crazy, or just confused, or jet lag is finally hitting... but what does someone thinking of moving to Canada or the US and looking for a job have to do with Marian's sugar type? :)

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Get Fox River Papers to send you a copy of the promotion they did last year featuring her work.

That's it, James. Now that I think of it, she showed images from that promotion --including the sugar type-- at the Type Directors Club, too.

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Hehe Tamye: It was a long stretch. I was just being frustrated with the lack of good lectures here in Norway (like Marian Bantjes's lecture) and was considerfing moving to Canada or the States to be able to attend the many great lectures there (rather than hoping for them here and being dissapointed)

James: Don't think they wanna send them to Norway but I'll definetly give it a shot!

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