Jaguar X-Type face

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I *really* need to find out about the font in the
GIFs below. Please do not email me the font in case
you have it. I simply need to know who made it (his
or her email address), when, and "why"/how.

What I know is that it's the font used for
the identity of the new Jaguar X-Type.

Fingers Crossed,

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Hrant, I've tried clicking on your link and both times it has caused my browser to crash...

Anybody else?

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That's odd, Joe. I load up the simple GIFs fine here.
Still puzzled over the type's origin.

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That crashing is *very* strange - the stuff's as low-tech as it gets:
the URLs are just GIFs (no HTML even), and the GIFs are 4-bit gray,
not large either in K or pixel dimensions...


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Yeah, it's odd. It crashes Netscape 4.7 every time... (on my Mac running OS 9). IE has no problem.

As much as I am inclined to defend the underdog, I think it's time the world retired NetScape.

Sorry I can't help with the type specimen. It is quite nice.


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try netscape 6. sooooo much better than 4.7. i made the switch about 2 months ago. BIG +
i'm also on a mac and i didn't have any problem opening those .gif's

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Looks like it may have been a classic Serif that was de-serified a bit. it is beautiful.

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It's a beautiful font, alright.

Since it's being used in Jaguar advertisements, it strikes me as possible-to-likely that it might be a privately commissioned font.


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