My furtive start at a new font

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Well, I threatened a while ago on my blog that I might do this. So far, I'm really just starting. I've converted my drawn "a" and "b" to decent shapes and I'd like some feedback as to whether I should keep going.

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Keep going. :-)

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It's hard to say anything just with 'a' and 'b', but maybe you should think about 'cleaning' the shapes... ;-)

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I'd say the same as the other typophile member: keep going to see more of that style.

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In case anyone is curious, I've followed the advice of the posters, and stopped autotracing my sketches. I'm working slowly at this and hope to have my hamburgefonstiv and/or a complete basic alphabet by the end of March. Type design is fairly low priority at the moment, with a 20-month-old girl and another child on the way. Life's too short not to spend time with my wife and children when I have the time.

But this "Furtive" font continues to elude my grasp... I'm at around 1/2 way through redrawing my sketches into vectorized, TTF form...

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Keep going metalfoot... I'm in the same state with my first attempt... I have three letters though :P

Look forward to seeing more letters!


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