Victorian Type Treatment

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I'm working on this Victorian looking type treatment for a clothing company. Ultimately, it will be detailed on the interior of the letter forms, and have multiple colors.

What do you think?

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urgh, I can't insert an image, or attach.

Alright, I got it now. Still can't insert. Its RGB, small file size, 590 pixels wide... I don't get it.

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Two nitpicks:

1. The bottom swash needs some bezier work to smooth it out ont he top where it passes the D (gets too fat to fast). I know the style is hand done, but it looks off.

2. The left side of the u looks a little weak. Especially at the top. Try giving it a similar weight as the right side.

With these suggestions don't kill the hand crafted look. It's working!

Also, the dots on the u are a ü? Just making sure.


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Yeah, those are diacritics on the u. It's pronounced doo-cks. OK, yeah, I see what you mean on the swoosh. I'll fix it up. And the u, the weight and also the transition from bowl to stem could be smoother.

Thanks Randy

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