Am I an idiot? A typophile search function question

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I check this site quite frequently, just to see what discussions are going on, usually just browsing through the homepage articles to see what people are talking about.

The other day someone had a Type ID question about the Miller High Life logo. ( ). I chimed in with a suggestion (which is rare) and today wanted to check back on the thread to see if anyone had come up with anything else.

Thinking it would be faster I typed in "high life" in the search box, which was in both the title and body text of the post, but got no results (i tried both with and without quotes around "high life"). Then I tried searching for other words that appear in the post that I remembered typing "old stock" "neighborhood"... but the post never came up.

I finally found the post, by browsing through the type id forums - but kept trying to see if I could get the post to come up through the search box - mostly on principle. It seemed like if I couldn't find a post by searching for text that I knew I had typed - what's the likelihood of finding the results I want when using keywords to search for a topic I'm researching.

Is there something I'm missing here? Thanks!

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In the top right, just next to the headline is your account login name in red, click on my account and then on track in the black bar, easier than searching for threads you have posted in.


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Use Google with the as one of your search terms and you will get much better results.

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As Tim says, you don't have to search for threads you have posted in yourself, that's what the tracker is for. And the search on Typophile only works sporadically, so indeed use google for proper search. Somehwat odd solution (just fix that search), but it works.

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Well, that does make me feel better. Thanks!

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I notice many web sites have a search function tht says "search powered by Google". So there must be some way of automatically incorporating the Google search capability, probably some scripting available from Google, and probably free. Perhaps the Punchcut folks could look into this. Not much point having a search function if it doesn't get results. Typophile threads are a valuable resource on typography and design. Anyone visiting the site should be able to search it effectively without having to figure out that you need to use Google.

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