(x) Characters and numbers on Swedish license plates - custom {Yves}

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Hi, I'm looking for a similar font to the one used on swedish tax registration marks (or whatever they are called) to print the registration number. I included some sample photos. It will be used very small so I don't feel like doing a custom font, something in the same vein will do.

Thanks in advance.

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I may be mistaken, but I thought we had a policy of not getting involved in IDing type from 'official document' serial numbers, or currency. We did not want to accidentally help with document forgery, if we could avoid it. I'm not saying that's your purpose, but I think we should be careful about making it easy to copy government documents.

- Mike Yanega

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You're right Mike, but we take these on a case by case basis. In this instance it is (a) quite hard to forge a license plate due to the manufacturing process involved and (b) letters and numbers on license plates have nothing in common with typefaces or fonts as we know them. For more information please read my article on license plate fonts on Unzipped, my blog.

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OK, I can see your point Mike.

Yves: The letters in the pictures is not the ones that are punched out, but are located on a sticker on the licens plate. Probably a custom font just the same tho.

Thanks anyway.

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Yeah, printed serial numbers on official documents and stickers are also often specific to the printing device -- especially the blocky pixel kind. You can find similar stuff here and there though.

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