Help: naming conventions for ligatures based on alternate glyphs?

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I need some help with OT glyph names. Here is the situation:

I have an f glyph, an i.alt01 glyph and an h.alt01 glyph.
- I have named the ligature f + i.alt01 as fi.alt01, which at first seemed to make sense but now I’m not so sure. Is this correct?
- How should I name the f + h.alt01 ligature? Is it f_h.alt01, or would that denote the ligature f.alt01 + h.alt01?

I have read over the adobe standards and some posts on the fontlab forum (by the very knowledgeable Adam Twardoch), but I can’t figure it out.


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I'd use f_i.alt01 and f_h.alt01, which I interpret as alternates of the ligatures f_i and f_h.

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