I finally got it!

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I finally got a copy of The Elements of Typographic Style!

I ordered it on Wednesday and Amazon said it wouldn't be here till, like, the 27th...but it shipped the very next day and got here this afternoon!


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Congrats, I'm counting the days until my Amazon order gets here too.

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All of my books are in boxes right now, except one. Elements is the only book that I have out. It's sitting right next to my desk. :-)

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If I could only own one book on typography, Elements would be it.

It's also one of the few books that I've bought multiple copies of, just to have extras to loan out. (The others being Watchmen, Why I Hate Saturn, and Information Rules.)


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good on yer mate!

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I haven't had a chance to really sit down and read it yet, but I've been skimming through it and already picked up a few things.

It looks like such a nicely designed book as well.

I'm full of warm fuzzies right now just thinking about it.

Now to figure out my next book purchase...

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I have been referring to Mr Bringhurst's book for some time (the first edition: should one upgrade, as with software?) It is very useful, but occasionally gets me into trouble.

His advice to "omit unnecessary punctuation" is at odds (as he admits) with standard practice in North America for "Mr., Mrs., and Ms." My attempts at reform have, without exception, been met with derision from editors and clients.

What's the practice for periods after Mr, Ms and Mrs in other English-speaking parts of the world?

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BBC style is to eliminate punctuation after abbreviated titles and to turn "pronounced" acronyms (Nasa, Aids) into intial-cap nouns. It seems very clean to me.

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"It's also one of the few books that I've bought multiple copies of, just to have extras to loan out. (The others being Watchmen, Why I Hate Saturn, and Information Rules.) "

Watchmen! I've converted multiple people to comic reading with that book (I assume we're both talking about Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' graphic novel.)

I too have Elements at my desk at all times, but it's the earlier version. I'd also like to know if an upgrade is worth it.

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Watchmen rocks ... like almost anything Alan Moore touched. Didn't know about Brinkhursts book... but I will order it from Amazon.

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Yup, that's the same Watchmen. BTW, there's a movie of it in the works. See http://www.efavata.com/CBM/Watchmen.htm

I think the second edition of Elements has plenty of nice improvements (and a few corrections), but at this point I'd probably hold out for the next version. Two weeks ago Bringhurst told me he was "finishing up" the third edition, so I'm thinking it will be just a few months.

On a side note, of all the business/technology books I've read, Information Rules is the most interesting, readable, solidly thought out and well-grounded. It is to the business strategy and economics of high tech and software what Elements is to typography.



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Oh bugger.

I just get the damn thing and it's time for a new version.

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Chris, OK if I share your thread? My Amazon order -- "Indie Fonts" & "Indie Fonts 2" -- came yesterday, and I'd like to just say "WOW!!!!!"

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"Chris, OK if I share your thread?"

The more the merrier, Alyce.

Hell, we could make it an ongoing thread...whenever someone gets something they've been wanting for a while, post it here.

One day I'll be able to finally post that I got myself a spiffy new laptop :sigh:

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i've been on a book buying binge lately, and it all started with elements. it was so good i started buying others including letters of credit, anatomy of a typeface, and even a big book on caligraphy. now if can just find a good pen set to start experimenting with... i love elements. i'm about trough with the first read and ready to go back and re read it again. it's that good!

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Chris, thanks for the welcome. My "One day I'll be able to finally post that I got myself a..." is a digital camera. (Any suggestions for a model that combines a good balance of affordability / features?) Ditto sigh...

"Alyce you should add your reviews to the library." Thanks for the suggestion, Tiffany. Let me spend some time with the books and CDs and I'll come up with something better than "much fonty goodness". Being a realist, however, I don't expect to match the eloquence of the existing "Indie Fonts" review. (OK, and being a nerd, I counted the pictures to make sure the title is accurate. :-) )

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The Canon Digital Rebels are looking VERY good.

It's a prosumer SLR for just under 1000 dollars. 6 megapixels; very good quality images. I've heard nothing but raves about them, and know someone who has one who loves it.

If I had the money to buy one right now I'd go for it.

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Thanks for the info Chris, wish I did had the money to buy one now.

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"now if can just find a good pen set to start experimenting with"
I find these are very good, although not as involving as cutting goose quills or reeds.
Or for a more modern nib (and effective) design
Having to clean and reload pens can be very frustrating, unless you are trying to achieve the monk-in-the-scriptorium feel.

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Alyce you should add your reviews to the library.

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