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I'm working on a side project to stencil my own business cards. I discovered that conventional stencils would be a huge drag to cut out at the point size I'm thinking about (<24pt) so I set out to streamline or simplify a font to make it easier on me.

This is what I came up with:


For cards looking something like this (except a more interesting background)


Any suggestions? Know any similar typefaces that might inspire me?


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John --

This makes me think of Milton Glaser's Babyteeth. I don't know if it has ever been digitized.

-- K.

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tDR designed a cover for the new Plaid album Spokes with a fat font on the cover.
This font is a font based on that lettering.

Also, Peter Bruhn did a filled in version of his font fatso, available from t26.

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There's always Shotgun, too.

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Surprisingly, I like the style.

On the actual card though some of the letterform ambiguity is translating into actual probable confusion, due to letter sequences people expect. The two big problems I see are both in your last name (and they're supporting each other), which is tempting to read "BRIGHTAL" or at best "BRICHTAL". Just making the tops of the "A" round would probably make it snap into place.

Also, I would put a dot (vertically centered) before the "ORG" - for one thing some people would think "Oregon"... and maybe as a result think you live in town where everybody is always very hungry. :-)


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Good call, Hrant.

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. I'm really digging the Plaid tribute font... it looks easy to cut out and it's a lot prettier than mine.

I found another good 'un... Jemma Gura uses a ultrasimplified font in her anti-war poster (7th link down on the right).

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I like this John. How would an uppercase G variant look?
the current G, imo, reads too much like a 9.

LTYZ need some more girth, imo.

The font used by Jemma Gura is Nova from YWFT.

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OK, here it is with Hrant's and Brian's suggestions:


Thanks again for all the suggested fonts. My favorites have been that Plaid one and Novum.

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While on MyFonts, I found this one as well... La Moda.

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I like that G a lot more. I think the Z still needs some weight
on the diagonal. Also, the
horizontal stems on the L,T and 7
might work better if they were as heavy
as the one on the 9, imo.


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Found another one... Carr

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Paratype did a version. More on that and others here:

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