Fontshop website - Problematic or perfect the way it is?

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Not wanting to step on anyones toes (Stephen;-) I pose the question. Is the fontshop website hard to use or perfect the way it is? Is it only me who find it slightly incomprehensive? Is this from the sheare number of fonts in their selection or has it something to do with the information architecture of the website? You tell me cause I'm not sure myself;-)

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It is so much improved - faster and now has keyword search too but the yellow has always given me a bit of a headache. I just don't like looking at it.

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I find it pretty irritating to browse; if I don’t know the name of the font that I’m looking up I just go elsewhere.

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But yellow is such a pretty colour;o)

I'm with James. Also I think the typenavigator is not optimal - I never quite find what I am after.

But as Pattyfab says it has improved.

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Hi Endre. You're in Norway, but I assume you're referring to, correct?

There are so many different ways to shop for fonts that no single site can perfectly meet all needs. To answer your questions, it will help to understand how you, Endre, look for fonts. Give me a typical scenario. Maybe I can guide you through the best way to navigate or maybe there's a better way to approach your search.

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Yes Stephen, I read your thread on how to bypass the regional website, so I am referring to

I will definetely get back to you on my search patterns but it'll have to wait a day: Someone got sick and all of a sudden I have got a hefty deadline to reach. That combined with that my search patterns might take some time to explain;o)

Thanks for dropping in on the thread though Stephen

Gotta run!!

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