Adding the euro to a font in FOG

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Forgive me if this has been discussed, I looked, really I did. I'd like to add the Euro to my fonts and I'd like it to be in the correct unicode and keyboard command position.

Can someone either point me to a tutorial or let me know how to do this? I've been using the currency symbol position and I know that is ghetto.


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What format are your fonts, and on what platform?


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They will be Macintosh PostScript and PC TrueType.

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Hmmm. I think I will let somebody else try to handle this, since I haven't built those formats in FOG since before the euro was even implemented.

But I fear it will not work well, seeing as FOG also hasn't been updated since then. I'll bet they don't support correct Unicode encoding of the euro, for instance. But maybe you can build an old-fashioned single-byte TrueType font with the euro at decimal 128.

Hoping somebody else can help out!


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Piece o' cake Matty . . .

Add another slot by opening Font Info box on the font and make it 257 at the bottom center of the window instead of 256 and click OK . . . You've just added a new character slot.

Then, scroll down to the bottom where your new slot is (It'll be labled as ** always) and paste the referenced Euro from the currency slot (where the original should be) to the new slot. (command+g)

Then, with the new slot hightlighted, hit (command +i) to get info on the glyph and change the Character Name to 'Euro' and the encoding to '$20AC'

You should be able to export it out in both formats from FOG.

Stuart :D

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Thanks Stu. Will the keyboard command be automatically assigned once the unicode number is in there?

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Nevermind, I tested that out and it works. Word!

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