A.T.A. struts its stuff, 1965

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"...quiver with buying desire."

Man, they don't write type ads like they used to!

Nick, I encourage you to include more mentions of physical arousal in your future promotional efforts.

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Type can make women vibrate. Wow!

Also, nice chair.

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She sees a product her man would like to eat


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That was a parody, right?

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You young'ns don't realize how popular typographers and type directors were with the ladies back in the sixties! Batteries not needed... just whip out a broadside and hear them swoon.

Did you know that Bradbury Thompson was well known by the Rat Pack? Joe Namath always referred to his little black specimen book for hot dates and Hugh Hefner considered adding new type fold-outs to Playboy ;^)

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Very rad, Nick. Can I put this up on Typo?

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It pays to set type right

Boy howdy!

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It certainly proves Jackie T's point...
"Typesetting was a man’s world."

I can't help but wonder if the ad was created by these guys.

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I don't think there was a version of this for companies that were thinking of placing an ad in Playboy, which at the time had a circulation of 6 million. But it wouldn't have required much adapting. Slap. Flip. Flip. Slap. More pages wander by. Then it happens.

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