Accessible information design for learning difficulties: can you "reverse" type?

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Can you reverse type onto coloured blocks? What precautions should be taken when doing so?

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Which learning difficulties are we talking about here? Dyslexia or other? If dyslexia you should follow this thread:

In case of dyslexia I would not do so because of the way shapes and colour is perceived by a dyslexic.

Why do so in the first place? It reduces legibility and makes it harder even for those without difficulties.

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I'm certainly no expert, but 'learning difficulties' is rather vague. We'd probably need to know more info as well...age target? Screen? Print? In what context?

I think reversed type is useful on-screen. I wouldn't do it a lot on paper, but that's not based on any specific accessibility guideline that I'm aware of.

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