AIGA Conference this Wednesday 23 Oct

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Anybody attending the AIGA "Interaction Tech" event in San Francisco this Wednesday?

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(A premature cyberchear from LA is the best I myself can do...)
Don't pull no punches! :-)


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I'll be in the ring, but I don't wear gloves baby. This is a bare knuckle affair.

Come say hello. We can trade T-shirts. What size do you wear?

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Um. Does 'rally monkey' mean anything to you?

The Giants counter with

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So, Christopher, I noticed Alterpop will be in the
ring tomorrow night... will that be you with the
gloves on? Or will you be coaching, ringside?

This cryptic message is brought to you by
tomorrow night's AIGA SF Main Event.

(Among the sixteen other firms there, Jared and I
will be representing Razorfish. If you're in the
neighborhood come cheer us on.)

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Looking forward to it, yo. Just keep your mouthguard in.

Oh, and call me Joey the Kid Sputnik.


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Ordinarily you will find me at any AIGA event. But Wednesday is Game 4, baby...

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