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I'm putting together a website for a small research lab at Texas A&M. A rough cut of the logo I'm working on is attached. I'm trying to put together something minimal and classic. (Although I don't know exactly what I mean by "classic".)

The lines depict the streamlines of a Taylor vortex. Since the streamlines are nothing special (to the audience who will see the logo), I'd like to add something that makes the logo more distinctive so that it can stand separate from the word mark.

This first one is my favorite.

I also considered this arrangement.

And this was the logo when I was at Arizona State University.

Any thoughts?

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i have to say that i really like the mark, although i don't think it says vortex or lab to me. it feels, in fact, aboriginal, or reminiscent of a petroglyph or something. the infinity mark doesn't work at all.

although there's a very clean quality to your type, the all lowercase isn't working well here. the ascenders and descenders are creating akward spaces.

keep trying! you have the start of some interesting ideas.

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Thanks for the comments. Here's minor revision. The arrows try to address the lack of vortexness and are the start of making something that can stand on its own. I have another idea for the vortex, but it'll take some more math to make it.

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hmm... i don't know. did you try ONE arrow? the four seem overkill.

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what about this: Taylor-Vortex U&lc, like you have it. LABORATORY smaller, UC, and nestled under T-V between the "y" and "x."

just a thought.

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I like your second arrangement. I like the weight of the mark next to the word mark, I would not use the graphic mark twice and would not tint it either. I looks off balance. Just an idea.

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I don't like the font at all -- I think it's unsuitable for title.

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I think the small "laboratory" gives some necessary emphasis to "Taylor-Vortex" over "laboratory". I agree don't that the 4 arrows aren't doing much.

One arrow communicates the idea, which is that the flow circulates within a vortex cell. This is also the reason for having two cells in different colors: they're formed in pairs that counter-rotate. The arrows shown here depict the jet between them. There is of course meaning in other places: 1) competition and symmetries (and symmetry breaking) are important themes in the problem; 2) the vortices are enclosed between two concentric cylinders; 3) our apparatus is horizontal as opposed to the more common vertical apparatus.

Here's a new cut that I think incorporates some of the suggestions. It's an improvement and I like Frutiger over the previous Avenir, although it still needs some work. I'm not sure I like the placement of "Texas A&M" in particular.

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I prefer the font your using but I think there is too much going on. The placing of texas a&m feels really tight to me. Let it breath a bit. I prefered the mark without the arrow, although I understand why you have it. I would drop the reflection. Having the two different colours makes it look like two logos as well.

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Here's another option, which preserves the intent but attempts to mitigate the appearance of two logos.

And another, sans arrows and with less combative coloring.

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My only problem with the swirls next to one another is - and not to be crude - that it resembles... erm... certain feminine assets. And the side-by-side placement also strengthens the cave drawing/primitive impression that seems a bit out of place for a lab.

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Er, sorry abou tthis second comment... new to the forum, and it's still bumpy going ;)

"If someone's 'been around the block a few times,' it might mean he didn't have the good sense to give up and park in the lot." ~ Mike Nelson 'Mind Over Matters'

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Suddenly "Hooters Laboratory" comes to mind. I think I'll can that direction.

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Just for you to note: The icon reminds me of a finger print. That is pure nature. Science and nature...I wonder.

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i still think this would benefit from some lower case contrasting with some uppercase. with it all down-style, it feels very diminutive. too quiet.

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It's a large logo, a bit of a whopper, can you remove any bits, no pun intended :0

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