Typophile meetup San Francisco

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Jimmy, Karen, Jeannie Stewf and Zara

A few Typophile regulars met up in San Francisco for dinner at farmerbrown. Tasty food. Good conversation. Thanks to Karen Huang (snogblog, Manic) and husband Jimmy for providing a good excuse to get together.

The rest of the pics are on Flickr.

(And thanks Hrant for the heads-up.)


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It was great to meet you, Karen and Jimmy!

(I think there is no such thing as snogblog.com, Joe)

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Yikes, you're right. It was here: http://www.manic.com.sg/blog/index_old.php

It was great to meet you Karen and Jimmy. Hope you'll stop by the office sometime this week.

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Yes, it was great being there. If anyone of you — Zara, Stewf, Carl, Karen (Parry), Joe (and Jeanie) are ever in Singapore. We'd love to play host too!

Especially Carl. Cos I really didn't get a chance to talk to you much. And you went through the trouble of making the reservations too. Thanks for that. We would never have gotten in without reservations.

Stewf, are you back in SF yet?

Hehe, and I look like I'm doing something dubious with my nose in that photo.

I wonder if any typophile is coming to Singapore anytime soon. Always nice to meet with fellow type lovers.

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Karen and Jimmy: it was a pleasure meeting and getting to know you! I hope the rest of your stay in San Francisco was enjoyable, and I will most definitely look you up if I find myself in Singapore :)

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I am back yes. I work in SF and live in Oakland, just across the Bay.

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Hey Zara, we're enjoying SF alright. Jimmy's loving the weather and I'm loving the quirky shops and all the chocolates! Yesterday we had the best banh mi at the Tenderloin. We walked past the library and the City Hall, and found that it wasn't as bad as we expected.

Stewf, my timing's off I guess. Was hoping to catch you again but today's my last day in SF. Well, be sure to email me if you're going to be in Singapore. Thanks for the goodies!

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