Puchasing old Corel Draw to get the fonts.

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Which versions of CorelDraw came with the massive font library on CD? And does anyone know of a good way to order a copy other than eBay and Amazon?

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I've had CorelDraw off and on since version 2.5 (on OS/2 Warp!).

They all came/come with a massive font library.

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Anything after version 5 will have around 1,000 mostly-Bitstream fonts in TrueType and PS1 formats. If all you really want is the fonts, look for version 6: the Draw program was a total disaster (prone to crash when you went to save a file, making it a big waste of time), so it ought to be dirt cheap. If you also want to use the program, either version 9 or 10 is a good bet, both in terms of reliability and cost. And I doubt you'll beat an eBay price (if you're patient) anywhere: right now, there are upgrade versions (you don't need a serial number to access the font folders on the CDs) going for less than $20.00.

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Canvas 5 and above has 2450 fonts from URW that are pretty great too.

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Thanks for the heads up on Canvas—I found an old one on Amazon for $5.00. I just hope it doesn’t come on floppies!

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