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I just heard a nice little lightweight article on ‘fonts’ on BBC Radio 4's Satuday Live programme. Obviously it's a weekly show so it won't be available to listen to for that long - somewhere between 6 and 8 days would be my estimate ;^). You can access the show from the show's homepage here

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Is that how we sound? (I realize that I'm definitely a johnny-come-lately here, and that many of you have really been having these ongoing dialogues for quite some time; it's more the earnestness I'm talking about.) It's kind of funny. I'm listening as I type this. I must admit, the article was pretty much just a short, little confection and so is the aftertalk (though not with as much enthusiam). But it made me smile, and did establish that there's a real interest out there in fonts for some people.

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The “Guerrilla Report” by Paul Finn starts around 36:30 in the show. Of course it’s a bit weird: trying to describe some features of single glyphs without the audience seeing them sure is problematic and the speaker sounds a bit over-enthusiastic, but it’s nice hearing typography discussed on a major BBC show anyway.

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