Metaphor, a.. reverse italic?

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This is a new typeface I'm working on. It's based on a song called Metaphor by Sparks.

So it's pretty wonky and some characters need to be re-done totally I think - like the x and r. But I'd love some opinions.


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I like it, but I'm not as big a fan of the reverse slope. I'm sure that that's an integral part of the design, however. What's your inspiration for the reverse slope? -- the only typefaces I've seen employ it are those made for cartography.

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I just did it for the street cred.

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I think it might look sharp if the top of the left sides of the bowls had a tiny, tiny flare kickin' back to the left? I like 'e', it says "Yo, my cred is streety." 't' and 'h' are nice, but at the resolution I'm looking at something feels slightly incongruent between them. I think its my screen.

Update where this leads.

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werd. I'll give it a try.

Also some of the angles are slightly off so it's probably not your screen.

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I think the 'x' needs to be flipped horizontally. It is basically leaning to the right now!

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