georgia for print?

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what you think of using the georgia font for print stuff?
is it kinda nonprofessional because georgia was designed for screen?

if so - what alternative fonts you suggest?


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To me, it’s not as terrible as to others. Still, it may feel a little bit uninspired and clumsy. Alternatives? I like Excelsior a lot. Quite robust newspaper face, actually. And have a look what MyFonts suggests … there are some fresh beauties among them.

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Some say Miller (font bureau) is a good replacement for fine print. Georgia does a good job, if you laser-print directly from a website – my opinion.

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Miller by Matthew Carter, the designer of Georgia, has created to the most lovely scotch ever!

Then there is Vincent also by Matthew Carter- you have to ask Carter and Cone directly about pricing.

The new Chronicle is a very honed interpretation, although in my opinion not as pretty.

Lorena by Eduardo Manso will be coming out soon and it looks like it fits within the genre.

Also Scotch FB

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We had that topic once, "the guys around Mr. Carter" should do a Print-Georgia. But, would it be profitable, what do you think?

Or a Verdana-FinePrint with OSF and all that stuff – Verdana25ultralight.otf, hehe

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great links & informations! i think the "miller" will do the job.

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