Similar to Artifex? A hybrid, playful Serif.

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i'm looking for a deco serif similar to the style of Artifex/Kimera Type Foundry.
Artifex is cool (and maybe would match on a "fashion"-project which is in the pipeline), but it is missing lining figures and has only one style (regular), no italics*, no thicker weights.
Can you suggest me similar? Keywords: Deco, hybrid, playful, sharp, "feminine", but not totally "over the top"…

*this is not so important

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Artifex is fabulous and fortunately there's nothing like it. I'll post something soon though that may fit your criteria...

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Zingha and pretty much anything by Xavier Dupré.

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Zingha matches almost all of my keywords. I think about, thanks.

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I looked and looked and came up with Zingha too... :-)

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