Kenn Munk publishes first printed catalogue/poster and launches the font 'Urbanregent'

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One-man-typefoundry-person Kenn Munk ( publishes his first printed catalogue of fonts and dingbats. The free catalogue can be ordered at his website, there will be a minimal postage and packing cost.
Signed and modified copies will be sold at the site soon. (Modified can be anything from drawn on, painted on, stamped on to stuff-glued-on, holes cut in...)

At the same time, the grungy and dadaistic font 'Urbanregent' is launched.
The font is largely undesignet, but is bound together by a thick connected band which forms the word-blocks. At the same time, parts of Urbanregent are very designed, glyphs have been re-designed to reflect changes in the way we speak and write. The exclamation mark is louder and more manic, because people tend to write two or three exclamation marks after each other anyway. The full stop is more stopping and the hyphen kicks you on to the next word.
Kenn Munk's fonts are generally hard to use - Urbanregent is no exception, but a tip would be to start each word with a capital letter. Because Every Word Is Important.
Urbanregent is available for PC and Mac and can be viewed and ordered at

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