[CRITIQUE]: Transition from graphically-heavy to clean & crisp

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After utilising a graphically-intensive (and indeed slightly overwhelming) style for my portfolio, I've decided to go with something in line with ALA or Mark Boulton for my latest version.

I've asked around, and some have compared it to a letter rather than a website, but I think it'll make a nice and refreshing change for the layout.

The content requirement of the site is as any other portfolio: Bio, Work, Blog and Contact - however - there is a 52-week daily entry to be filled for my industrial placement for University, and I'm attempting to make it as legible as possible (something which definately does not happen with the current style).

Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and with that I'd like to introduce myself as one of the latest additions to this fantastic resource's arsenal of designers!

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So is this the updated site we are looking at? I'm very inexperienced at web design, but from a general design perspective, you need to establish a grid and some better hierarchy.

Your text flows across the entire page, making it difficult to read. That would be the first thing I would address.


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Helv. Neue Thin is mostly to thin for your sizes and on black (that makes it even thinner) background. You need a lot more black-(uhm, white)space.
The texttype is to small and the lines are much toooo long.
And i don't get why you format the navigation like this.

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Apologies, I must not have been clear.

The Black/Green/Pink layout is indeed the old version.

I've established a grid and used less neon-esque colour for the latest version.



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