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Nought Bob

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I think I may have missed the previous parts of the saga – what is this logo for?'s picture

Graphic Design Agency........

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if i could offer a suggestion...? please try not to start a new thread every time you have another go at the logo. for one thing, it's cumbersome to wade through all the threads to piece together how the discourse have come along, for another, i think it makes the comments you've received so far seem irrelevent to you, as if you're throwing them out and starting over. i don't think that's what you're doing, but it could give that impression.'s picture

You're right! I should really figure out how I can attach new versions of the logo to the same thread!! I'll get someone more teccie to show me in the office. The comments so far have been really useful - I'll try to strike up more of a dialogue in future!

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Wow, I guess you have been looking at this mark for a while. Well, I am sure this has come up before – but am I the only one reading an indy car / car product logo and not a design firm at all?

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Reminds me of an oil company Mobil.

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> Reminds me of an oil company Mobil.

Yes, I had that too.'s picture

it's back to the drawing board with this one I think!! More coffee and inspiration required!

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Reminds me of an oil company Mobil.

That's what I said too.

- Lex

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