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I never really see anyone here mention Harold Lohner. He has offered many free and $5 fonts which, some are quite nice. Besides my love for Sarah Script from Charles Borges de Oliveira, I have also been infatuated with Imitation from Harold. I just enjoy the face. If I ever did a poster about Paris in the early 1900s - that font would be perfect.

I received an email about Harold Lohner's art show, Wheel of Life- and I thought I'd share it with you. (You've probably received it as well, and if not - here goes.)

Subject: September News from Harold’s Fonts + Art Opening

September News from Harold’s Fonts + Art Opening


Back to school, back to font-making...

But first I wanted to tell you about an opening this Friday. I’m doing a outdoor projection piece on the Opalka Gallery at Sage College of Albany, where I teach. “Wheel of Life” is a cycle of portrait drawings I made using a scanner. Here’s the invitation; please check it out. http://www.haroldsfonts.com/wheeloflife.pdf

The new font this month is SWEET SPIRIT, an intricate design that’s a cousin to my popular Graceful Ghost. Drawn with long flowing lines and adapted from a historical source, perfect for suggesting embroidery or engraving. Now available from Font Bros.

And thank you for the positive response to my new arrangement with Font Bros. It’s getting me a wider audience for my work. I appreciate those who’ve followed and supported my work for almost 10 years now. So many have asked that I provide easier shopping or encouraged me to charge more for commercial fonts. And I’m happy to be able to continue to offer free and $5 fonts as well.

Thanks again,
Harold Lohner

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I agree that Harold's work is under-appreciated. I knew Harold when I lived and worked in Troy, New York. He's a wonderful person, a fantastic printmaker, and an excellent curator as well.

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You can also view his fonts at Font Bros. He does have some fun display typefaces, that is for sure. I think my favorite is Ben's Gothic, with Graceful Ghost following.

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Sorry to be completely OT, but for how long has that been Wardle de Sousa, Mrs Tiffany?
Surely this cannot be considered a non-typographical event? Or have I missed out completely (most likely...)?

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Hehe. Umm, yeah it happened in June. I didn't want to make a big deal of it.

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OK, Congratulations anyway!

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Thanks, Fredrik. :) See you next week.

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Thanks for sharing Jackie. I love Harold's work too; I've enjoyed a friendship with him by correspondence since 2003. Some time in the first half of 2008 I plan to publish an interview with Harold about his font work, since he is so underappreciated. Hoping to reverse that I will post a news release here at Typophile and on Fontlover.com when the interview goes online. It will be the third installment in my "A conversation with..." series.


j a m e s

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Thanks James.

I look forward to the interview -- if you need a proofreader/editor - holler :-)

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