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Hola typophiles,

As soon as I recover I'll be posting a more formal announcement, but in the meantime I wanted to invite you all to the new, aka What I Did With My Summer Vacation. Enjoy!


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Looks great, Jonathan! But I can't decide if I should be happy for you or not having had no summer vacation. ;^>

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I got an Internal Server Error, no doubt it will be up again soon :)

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I ordered the catalog without any 500 errors. The process went smoothly, although it feels a bit weird having to order something at price 0, but I can understand not having to re-write the shipping procedure just for the catalogs. Jonathan, very good job.

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Works for me now, Looks good!

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I am really enjoying your new site design and the supporting content on font pages. I particularly like the ability to compare fonts from the Test Driver. On a related note, I was a bit confused to see the Test Driver popup when I clicked on the Characters link. It took me a good moment to realize that both features shared the same popup window. Nonetheless, congratulations on your Chronicle family and the all new website!

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Very nice all around, Jonathan! I enjoyed the "Ask H&FJ" section.

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A beautiful redesign for a great foundry. Having said that. I agree with kensoliva that the popup Test Driver is confusing. It's also unnecessary, distracting, and inaccessible - a real usability mistake. Getty Images has made the same egregioius mistake recently and I don't know, for the life of me, why these fine firms would resort to 1997 presentation methods.

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¿Qué ondas Nueva York?

Geez - All I have to say is thanks for the catalog, the fine website and your work.


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Fantastic. It looks gorgeous, and I'm loving the look of the navigation bars. While it's nice to see a complete list of serifs, I think it'd be better if they were broken up into sections to save bandwidth, and not have to wait to have it all load. Other than that, the look and feel is excellent.

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Hey you wunderkinder are supposed to burn out and fall apart and be miserable. You're not following the script :)

Chronicle is awesome. Congratulations!

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I like the look of the new site. Although I do get a lot of server errors.
I've ordered the catalog, I always enjoy seeing type specimen in print.

Also, somehow I thought that before I could order single weights of Gotham (I need to purchase it soon). It seems that there's only packages now? Am I mistaken? Sorry for hijacking the thread with such a question. :)

Ah, I read now that single weights is only for +50CPU's.
What a shame. Now I'll have to find another font to buy.

this stupid forum bug just kicked my post to the bottom

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Hello Mr. Hoefler. Your new site is very handsome, but I noticed a few things which I thought I would share.

+ On my home computer, a 12" laptop, the navigation bar across the top takes up a large portion of the screen.
+ The pop-up Interactive/Specimen Test Driver reminds me of old sites from a few years ago. Most sites incorporate the test driver into the main browser window.
+ The Interactive Test Driver states that, "Some characters may not be accessible from your keyboard," which makes it seem like it's somehow my fault. I don't understand why characters which are typed using the option key are either missing, replaced by a ?, or completely wrong. (I typed ® and got fi.)
+ The Interactive Test Driver doesn't have kerning.
+ The Characters Test Driver in a large font, like Chronicle, is awkward to scroll through. I had to press on the arrow key for 10 seconds to see the numbers!
+ The "Fonts" pages are difficult to browse with, as they show all of the weights of a font. It would be more helpful for me to see all of the same-style fonts in the same weight so that I can compare them.
+ I like the shopping interface! (See, I can pay a compliment!)

This is a fine effort! A very smart and serious-looking website which puts the Hoefler Foundry back on the top of the type league.


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