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I might have missed threads discussing this, but is anyone else having problems with Typophile's search facility?

To find certain threads, I am having to track my own posts/comments to find them. When I do a search or advanced search, the results now seem more limited following Typophile's recent overhaul.

In one case I can find a thread via my own tracking, but it is not even listed within the forum topic. For example, thread: http://www.typophile.com/node/20091 exists but when I looked for it by name under 'Special Interest Groups' > 'Typographic Education', I can't see it listed there.

If it's me or my browser, please ignore me. But is anyone else experiencing similar issues?


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I use google to search Typophile, if you type in this (including the site:typophile.com) your thread is shown

"animated and interactive" site:typophile.com


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Hi T Bones,
yeah, the Typophile search is kinda crappy.
Reading this thread will surely help.

So, make yourself a bookmark with the following as the address:
[Kudos to Grant Hutchinson]

And in case you don’t like Google, feel free to replace its url with that of a competitor …

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sweet workaround.
not that its terribly relevant, but the search field doesnt behave in newer versions of opera

thank you for giving me a method aside of the norm

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Yes. Thanks for the workarounds. Still, it is strange that certain threads that were once visible in the forum topic listing are now no longer listed, but remain accessible through via these search workarounds.

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The search has been quite shitty since I come here.
But not much of the bugs that were reported in the bug-threads have been fixed.

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