Typefaces that complement Copperplate Gothic

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I am updating a line of wine labels that use Copperplate gothic as the logo. I don't want to change the logo. Any ideas of some good fonts that go well with Copperplate.

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Hi Patricia. What kind of wine is it? Is it for wealthy retirees or young hipsters? Where does it come from? What sort of image does the company want to convey?

These are all questions that you should ask when designing the label. We can help you find something that won't clash with Copperplate, but the field is far too broad. These more important questions come first.

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Oh so many questions.

We want to update our look. Currently the wine sells mostly on premise (in restaurants). We are improving the juice as well as the packaging. The competition is Bella Sera , cavit

Classic and contemporary not trendy or humorous.

This is italian wine many varietals each one will have different color accents to stand apart from the others. I want to maintain copperplate as the product brand font.

Thanks for your help

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Ditto Nick. Other ideas:

Arepo for large type, Stone Print for smaller

Penumbra for a sans or flare serif variation

Something from the Engravers series to maintain the classic flavor

To me, the words "classic" and "contemporary" are almost polar. Can you further define them?

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What I mean is, that it isn't so traditional that it looks like it's from a different time. I want it contemporary and placed in this century. Rather than coping the old. I want to reinventing it in a new fresh way.

Examples that I like:




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Ok, that helps. What did you think of our suggestions? You also might like Classica and Alinea Incise.

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I love the font selections. I like the range. I need to do a variety of concepts so I will try out several. I guess as I get gong I will try the out and use the styles that fit the layout.

I feel like a cheater. I wouldn't have come up with these fonts on my own!

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There are far too many options out there for you to know them all. That's we're here for. Hopefully you've discovered some things you can use on your own later.

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A question I should also have asked:

Is copperplate tired? Is it a mistake to stay with it? I like it but it has been used quite a bit.

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Copperplate is teetering on the edge of being the new Comic Sans.

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I would say, rather, that it was the old one.

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It's just how it's used. I recently saw it on a bar window, gold on green, looking very classy. I've also seen it looking incredibly stale and tired. As with any well drawn face, how you use it makes all the difference.

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Thanks, I'll check it out.

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Here are some options for the font. Any thoughts? I want to keep the copperplate look but I could change it up a bit.

a) Steeleplate Gothic
b) Engravers Gothic
c) Copperplate Gothic (current font)
d) copperplate classic med sans
e) Shackers Gothic Med

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The current font looks best I think.

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>I am updating a line of wine labels that use Copperplate gothic as the logo. I don’t want to change the logo.
Copperplate Gothic = suspicious
I would have no (big) trust in that wine, i'm only speaking as a (red wine, european) consumer. From your list; Sackers Gothic is better (but needs better spacing), hehe.

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What of you keep the current font but exaggerated the spurs/serifs and used that diamond motif from the copperplace classic. That would look really beautiful.

Mikey :-)

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That's a pretty fun font. Good for Tequila, not so good for Italian wine.

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Ray Larabie's Biondi is a good substitute for Copperplate if you want to give the logo a subtle tweak.

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Patricia (and anybody else so inclined), do check out Armin Vit's post about Copperplate Gothic, over at Speak Up.

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Thanks for the link to the article. Interesting. I had no idea Copperplate is so overused. I like it. I thik I will update the Logo font to a similar feel but new style.

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