Garabata: A handwiting font with small caps

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Hi all,

Garabata is my first font containing open type features (the main is small caps). It is available at myfonts.

There is a PDF file showing its main characteristic features.


Manuel Corradine

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This alphabet has an excellent feel and vibe. Loose and good spirited, plus the name, though I must confess it doesn't look garabatey to me at all! I liked it a lot. Congratulations on it. Saludos desde Coacalco, Mexico!

Letrizmo Digitipia. Dress up your words... in style.

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I agree. It got a bit wild when using a lot of caps (like: "Si Ya Te Vas"), but for regular text it is very cool.

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Thank you very much for your coments. What do you think about small caps in a handwriting font?

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I'm usually in favor of 'the more options, the merrier', but I would imagine that smallcaps would be more appropriate for a font without the flamboyant personality of this one. But I have been known to be wrong, so if you feel it, go for it.
; )

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Nice. I'm not too keen on the small caps, but I think the mixed case looks quite good.

Is it me or does it have sort of a Middle Eastern look?

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Thanks for your comments.
Respect to the Middle Eastern look, it could be related. Garabata was made thinking about a mystic, misterious and antiqued style.

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