(x) Upright script "Hips and Curves" logo - Scriptorama Hostess {Marcelo R}

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Can someone please ID this script. (Top left corner).



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Scriptorama Hostess by Jason Walcott

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Do you guys read what I read on that website? "Plus sized"? "Full figured"? What's this nonsense!?! These are regular women with normal bodies, fer crying out loud!!!

Argh, this is driving me friggin' NUTS, how these marketing leeches and fashion fascists suceed in making women think they are 'big' as soon as they don't look like anorexic boy-girls. Women are supposed to have breast and hips and tummies and butts! That's what makes them beautiful and soft and huggable; that's one of the reasons why we friggin' love them so much! Argh!!!

wheeze wheeze pant pant

Sorry people, rant over... Won't happen again. :^/

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You should read a little more into the site. This is a company that celebrates women--much in support of what you are saying. Read a few of the testimonials. I think you have spoken too soon.

And thank you for the ID.

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Darn, I came across all wrong. Sorry about the confusion.

I wasn't reacting against this specific website at all but against the global situation which forces this website to market itself like this. It's not the website that's wrong, on the contrary, it is the general perception of the female body in today's hyperconsumerist atmosphere that's totally f***ed up. I mean, Bratz anyone?

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If that's the case, then I concur.

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