(x) Beautiful script in Suitcase Type Foundry Open Type Collection Catalogue - BistroScript {Yves}

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Does anyone recognize this wonderful script? This image was taken from the Suitcase Type Foundry Open Type Collection Catalogue designed by Tomáš Brousil. Unfortunately, Suitcase doesn't seem to offer the script on their website—at least not currently. If it helps, I found the image here.

Thanks in advance,

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This is BistroScript, "(...) a contemporary calligraphic script inspired by promotional art in the 1960s. Thanks to OpenType features, a variety of ligatures and alternative glyphs allow the user to create more authentic and varied connections between letters. Used thoughtfully, BistroScript is guaranteed to enhance any print job."

I know, I helped Tomas with the English text for his catalogue. This is from my version of the text document that's still on my hard drive. ;^)

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Thanks Yves! Any idea where I can see more of it and perhaps buy?

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I'll ask Tomas when he's planning to release it.

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I look forward to Tomas' answer…

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Hi Yves, hi Ken,

I'll update my website just after two weeks holiday, I promise. And BistroScript will not the only one new font.)


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Thanks for posting the additional type specimens. As the son of a second generation sign painter, I must declare that you have successfully captured an era with this script! I can't wait to learn more about the OpenType features of BistroScript and see what other font(s) you have up your sleeves.

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Will you contact me please. I would like to talk to you about this face. You can reach me at kyle [at] brandsbyovo [dot] com.


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Welcome to Typophile, Tomas! Looking forward to the new Suitcase releases.

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That @s ligature is absolutely wonderful. Simples, ingenius; I'd buy the font just for that (and for the rest too, of course!) Congratulations!

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Hi everyone,

new typefaces BistroScript, Corpulent, Gloriola and Purista, are officially published at http://www.suitcasetype.com.


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Great stuff, Tomas!
I especially dig the thin/hair weights of Gloriola and Purista. Niiice, děkuij!

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Tomas, great work!

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Corpulent cleverly caters to the recent trend of bloated constructed geometric types.

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My remark was meant as a compliment! :^D I like it!

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This font is peaking to me on multiple levels, Unfortunately, my wallet is deaf.

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