Art Advisory Logo modification

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Hi all,
I've recently taken on a web job for a client but they wanted a quick modification of their existing logo, which is the stacked letter emblem. Originally it was used rotated -90 degrees with the stem of the R functioning as a page break (yikes) for whatever it was used on. The client wants to keep this emblem, but make it a bit more professional and iconic. I added the additional text. Let me know what you think: kerning, the whole square thing, etc. I'm not introducing color just yet, just want to get it looking good in black for now, and trying to be fast and effective on this one.


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I'm never a big fan of letterspacing to get the sentences equal in length. I think I would change the size to make it equal, or just let it flush.

Also, at the moment it's not really equal optically, if you wanted that. The 'McCullough' stands out. Let the period after Bridgette align more or less with the right stem of the 'H', and the middle stem of the 'Y' in 'advisory' more or less as well. This would make it look more aligned, in my opinion. :)

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