(x) McAdam magazine spread - Eidetic Neo {Marc O}

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hi.. i'm new here.. looking to identify this serif font [working on a spread for a magazine for class, but can't figure out what the copy should be set in] ... the closest i have come is Caxton, ITC Jamille, or ITC Weidemann ... but it's none of the above.. :\ any help would be appreciated!

[ps: i'll probably have problems uploading this image.. bear with me]

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Ladies and gentlemen, I believe we have our second Eidetic Neo spotting in as many days!

(The italic in the byline at the end of the article is the giveaway.)


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support the creator of this directly when buying it... Rodrigo Cavazos Xavier at www.psyops.com

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Eidetic Neo is actually the only Emigre face that's also sold elsewhere (the designer's own site). Maybe the pre-existence of an earlier incarnation of the font created that unique outcome - but Eidetic Neo is really a unique face itself. Anyway, I have a suspicion that Emigre gets a cut of any copies of it sold through Psy/Ops (which is perfectly fine).


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