Yellow Black = FontShop

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Speaking of trends, FontShop climbs aboard the
list-your-identity-colors-as-an-identity promotional
scheme used by IBM (blue) and, more recently, UPS

FontShop is now aka (I didn't wait for
the first page to load to see if it's the same old
sluggish, clumpy redesign of last month.)


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still, too damn slow!

what could be the point of changing their domain name at this point? maybe they sold the old one? I'll have to check the old address and see what happens there in the next few months.

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Plaincloth, still offers smooth-loading,
unobstructed views of at least the FontFont-
branded library.

It's nice to see FSI get the massive FontShop
collection online, but the execution needs an
overhaul. Simplicity, please!


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Or Cliff's notes.

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Or Caterpillar earth moving equipment :D

porky's picture for a bloody great big bee, surely?

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Stryper, Ooohhh YEAH!

i never EVER imagined a stryper reference on typophile ... you people surprise me daily!

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The domain has been advertised in the design media for the last couple of months. I think the idea is that it's "more than" fonts - I thought I'd seen an ad that mentioned stock photography, but there's no mention on the site(s).

Many of the stock libraries are also now selling fonts, and some former type resellers have branched out into other areas (FontHaus).

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>> still offers smooth-loading,
>>unobstructed views of at least the FontFont-
>>branded library.

Yes, it was quick, but those animated gifs at the side are an instant annoying turnoff.

Just my 2 pence


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You want distracting animated GIFs?
Check out FontBureau's new site.


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It's common for companies to double up on URLs.
I'm sure they didn't sell their original domain.
(Same reason we have

For it was either FontShop, the
"Dummy" book series or Yellow Cab. :-)

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>>For it was either FontShop,
>>the "Dummy" book series or Yellow Cab. :-)

Or those Christian hair-metalists from the '80s, Stryper!

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Add to that first list Target (red).

Joe Pemberton's picture is the FontShop site for the UK
only... this may explain the slowness you
experience. Also why many of us haven't seen
the yellowblack ads.

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