(x) "Special Mode" italic serif w/ swashes on magazine cover - Hoefler Titling {Richard Welker}

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can you identify this font??

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Maybe Caslon 540 italic with swash capitals?

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Monotype Garamond Expert Swash Capitals? Although the x-height of that 'd' is looking kinda funky.


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Adobe Caslon Swash Italic?

Edit: Sorry! I was wrong! I'll keep on looking...

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It's Hoefler Titling Semibold Swashes (sorry, but I haven't learned to link yet).

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Here you go:
Hoefler Titling

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> (sorry, but I haven’t learned to link yet)

HTML tags work fine -- click the 'Input Format' below the "Post new comment" entry field. More information on how to survive this Board can be found in the two threads at the top of the list: !!! PLEASE READ THIS FIRST !!! Frequently Answered Questions and !!! PLEASE READ THIS FIRST !!! How to post a sample or image. Pretty self-explanatory, huh? ;^)

Weeliam, one thing you'll find in the FAQ is that you'd better name your threads a little more specifically. To quote myself: “Please help me identify this font” is pretty pointless as that’s the only thing we do on the Type Identification Board. Compare it to a newspaper where every single headline would say “Stuff happened!” ;^)

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thank you for information !

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