A moment of kindness to Typophile and friends...

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I wanted to applaud everyone's efforts for keeping Typophile a family friendly, engaging and everlasting community. From my count, Typophile might possibly be the last bastion of civility on the Internet. That takes a lot of will-power, people. Of course our record isn't exactly spotless, but we do make attempts at keeping a pretty clear head before running the mouth off because of personal tastes or disagreements.

Opinions and ideas are exchanged freely and without persecution or prejudice here and that's a marvel in this age. Granted, there aren't many heated debates that end in fisticuffs when related to typography.

So, I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone for being intelligent, patient and making Typophile a beautiful place to share thoughts and ideas without (too many) worries. It's what keeps me coming back .


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>Granted, there aren’t many heated debates that end in fisticuffs when related to typography.

You should join ATypI ;-)

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Oh, ATypI's a real Battle Royale?

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I totally agree.

Respect and patience is far more appealing than arrogance and anger.

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What I've noticed is that certain people, myself included, will make an ass of themselves occasionally. Many times you write something thinking about it one way, but somebody else can read in a totally different way contrary to your intention.

But in most cases nobody here cares so much because the ideas are actually assessed rather than the person.

And if not, theres always ATypI.

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>Oh, ATypI’s a real Battle Royale?

The list is generally peaceable, but at the risk of moving the fracas over here, they are currently having an issue. Typophile has the advantage of being actively threaded, so you can avoid the contentious threads if you’re not feeling that way inclined on a particular day, harder to ignore when the stuff floods your inbox.

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Just kidding ;op

Typophile is an incredible resource. Though it is far from perfect like the people that use it. (shining example right here) I do find it disappointing when people resort to insults and bias but the worst thing that happens here is condescension. Typophile is for many kinds of people with different skill levels and educational and economic backgrounds. We need to keep this in mind when we see posts that have naive questions. Also, if there is something that another person is saying that is creating disagreement - 'attack' the issue not the person.

I encourage those that have had a bad experience here to keep on posting and asking questions. Ignore the bad (people) and keep on learning.

Mike Diaz :-)

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Yeah mates!! Apart fomr all the ignorant pricks this place is bloody bonza!!

Chopper Reid says "Harden the **** up".

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{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}} to everyone.

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We need to keep this in mind when we see posts that have naive questions.

A daily occurance could be the Type ID Board. Even I've had moments when I thought, is this guy serious? Then, I'd refrain from posting what I really thought of the 5 minutes I wasted reading their request and just answered the damned question. On other sites, I might not have been as patient or understanding. Typophile definitely has a calmer, gentler social community.

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And here I was just pondering whether I needed a break from Typophile because of just a few less pleasant or reasonable individuals who are quite outspoken. But I'll be the first to agree that 99% of Typophiles are great people to chat with.



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