Which font could go with a car?

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I am helping a friend ( who is a product design student) put together a document about his internship at Renault. The document mainly talks about how he went about designing a new car… right from research to his final concepts for the car. The car is more of a ‘concept car’ and not a car that you would see on the roads too soon. I would be grateful if you guys could suggest fonts that might work well for the body text and for the headings of such a document. I hope the information I have provided is enough for you to help me out with your suggestions.

Thank you!

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Who is the audience? If he's trying to impress the Renault top brass maybe go for the Le Monde typeface? http://www.typofonderie.com/

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The audience would be a fairly mixed one. This document would be read by his teachers and later by other students, mainly product design students, at our institute ( The National Institute of Design, India). A copy of the document would also go to Renault… but I doubt if the top brass would read it though. So I’d consider design students to be the main audience.

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Thank you, sii, for the suggestion and the link. Cartype.com is an interesting site indeed.

Bpotstra thanks for the link but it throws up an error message when I try to access it. Are you sure its cartype.org? Or maybe there is something wrong with my connection at the moment.

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