Youth Group Logo Critique Please

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Any thoughts about this logo design for our youth group, Omega Ministries?

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I read w-t-m (with the t obviously representing a cross), or E-t-E (with the Es being rotated on their sides). Besides the imagery of the cross, I'm not really sure what's going on...

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Unfortunately, most people will probably read the 'ω' as a 'w' so it might be wise to use 'Ω' instead. I also read "wtm". I'd start from scratch.

- Lex

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Forgive me for being blunt, but this isn't a logo for a youth group -- instead, it's a perfect one for a mortuary. So unless it's a Goth youth group...

The whole logo -- they static strokes and straight corners, the cross, the color theme -- symbolizes the complete opposite of what a "youth group" should represent.

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well, it's a christian youth group, so the cross at least fits (not that all christian things have to have a crosses in their logos)

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ok, here's another shot using ’Ω’ instead of ’ω’ ... I forget sometimes that I majored in Classics ...

it's a rough workup, but i'm wondering what folks think if it's a better direction:

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That's somewhat better, but still way too static and serious.

Try the following:

1. Use livelier colors;
2. Use less straight lines and angles, more curves;
3. Use less serious, more dynamic fonts;
4. Use less geometrical, more "out of order" placement.

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Because all of the text is at the same angle, the 'Ω' is reading as a 'C' to me. Try rotating the word "OMEGA" so its baseline matches the 'Ω'.

What's the age group of the youth? There's a big difference between designing for kindergarteners and high schoolers.

- Lex

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It's a high school youth group. I'm going for the "I take myself very seriously because I'm a teenager and I skateboard and know everything" kind of feel.

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I see a hand ... giving the finger.

Paul Ducco
Motion Graphics Melbourne

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are you seeing that in the text part of it? because i suppose i can see how you would see that, but it's a real stretch ... anyone else seeing this? because i'm not ...

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The last thing this world needs is another Christian/Youth Group "look my "T" is actually a cross" thing. For God's sake, please don't do that. It's so overplayed, cheesy, and cliche.

(sorry, but this is a constant gripe for me).

That said, your second concept is worlds better.

I also disagree with Henry. This doesn't need to be livelier, curvy, etc.
This is headed in a good direction. You may wish to refine the Omega Symbol. The bar on the "M" needs a lot of work. It is a little clumsy here. Maybe something a little sharper.

I would also consider a different face for the text. You know what might work well with this is Klavika.

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I like the second one too. It appears to be a head and torso (the omega and 'M' together) which could represent one of these Christian youths.
The type I would definitely change however. Apart from this I like the new direction.

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