Gutenprint hp drivers for Tiger--DPI limits

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(Didn't get any bites on this in the Build forum, so I'll try the general one.)

I've been using the Gutenprint driver on my Mac for my hp LaserJet 1300 because hp's PostScript emulator works badly with PS outlines in certain fonts (Scala, Minion, Quadraat, for examples).

However, it seems like the top-end resolution for the driver is 600dpi. I can't seem to find how to increase it further in the printer settings, and I can't find any information about this online (maybe I'm asking the wrong questions and searching the wrong terms).

Does anyone know whether and how I might get the driver up to 1200dpi? Happy to provide additional information as needed. I'm using the latest stable build of Gutenprint (5.0.1) and Tiger on an Intel iMac 22".

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