Typographic Calendars

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On a recent trip to the Design Museum (http://www.designmuseum.org) in London (Highly recommended), I spotted this wall/desk calendar in the shop.

Calendar Image
Calendar Image2

The magnetic circle can be positioned to surround the number. Really interesting shapes, anyone know of any other interesting typographic calendars?

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P-22 did a good one last year, which cleverly managed to get every day of the year onto a single graphic the size of a CD -- that's why I can't find it, as I have CD cases all over the place, otherwise I'd post a pic.

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What happened to the Typophile Calendar project, BTW?

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Actually Nick, It was the size of a floppy disk.

Frantisek Storm's circular calendar was a partial inspiration for the cover of the 2003 P22 calendar... I don't have the Storm calendar handy...but it is amazing.

Pentagram does a large typographic wall calendar every year. http://www.kenknight.com/20caco.html

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Wim Crouwel's 1964 and 1976 calenders for Van de Geer printers are real beuts' *hunting books now*

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Nic, that's a great calendar.

The Typophile Calendar project didn't get enough steam to go anywhere in the short time before the end of '03. Sadly. With some more time and some better incentives, we hope to resurrect it for '05.

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