Business card in serious need of updating!

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Hello everyone,

I'm brand new to the forum but in need of some help!
I designed my own business card while I was still at university, and was pleased with it at the time, but it is beginning to show it's age!

The card consisted of a rendered 3d letter "e" with a black background (see below). On the right side of the card, I wrote my name and details in white with Magneto for my font. It's just not doing it for me. I am a video editor/3d animator living in London. I want to convey a modern, smooth image, without being too "out-there" for the average person that I might give my card to. I am still generally happy with this background image, but I welcome any and all advice in regards to colours, layout, font (ESPECIALLY font), etc.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to help me!


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It might be better to post some of your ideas in the critique section for people to look at.

- Lex

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Ahh ok,

I will give that a try. Thanks Lex.


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