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Indie Fonts 3, a companion to the award winning Indie Fonts series, brings together an additional 20 independent font foundries from around the world. This book is an invaluable resource of over 1,900 fonts for designers, art directors and typographers.

This book is divided up by foundry so that the user can get a feel for the work produced by each group. This also makes it convenient to order fonts directly from their source. There is a visual font index provided in the front for quick scanning and a fully cross referenced index in the back containing font names, designers, and original designers. Also included are the essays: Eight Is Not Enough by noted typophile Yves Peters and How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the EULA by typographic designer and educator Tiffany Wardle.

Contributing foundries include Baseline Fonts, Blue Vinyl Fonts, Device Fonts, E-phemera Fonts, Font Brothers, Handselecta, Jeremy Tankard Typography, Kenn Munk, Letterhead Fonts, Pizzadude, Positype, Process Type Foundry, Rimmer Type Foundry, Shinntype, SparkyType, Suitcase Type Foundry, Suomi Type Foundry, Village, Virus Fonts, and Wilton Foundry.

Accompanying this book is a Bonus Fonts CD-ROM that contains 53 indie fonts. The fonts are licensed from each contributing foundry for use solely by the owner of this book.

Websites: P-Type Publications | Typeco

Fonts included on the Bonus Fonts CD with the Indie Fonts 3 book:
Blackcurrant Cameo
Brown Heavy
RTF Canadian Syllabics
Caxton Script
Chicken Scratch AOE
Dynasty Light Macintosh
Empty Head
Empty Head 2
Goodchild Regular
Goodchild Italic
Grit Type Sorts
Gros Marqueur
Handsome Classic
LHF Cafe Corina
Linemap Regular
Lochen AOE
Mene One NY Throwie Fill
Mene One NY Throwie Outline
Mutaints Xtra
Nicholas Bold
Olympukes Light
Olympukes Dark
Orgovan Fat Cap
Orgovan Flower Power
Orgovan Hairy
Orgovan Brush
Orgovan Rounded
Orgovan Punk
Paralucent Cond Light Italic
Run Tron 1983
Sure Shot
Surfing Bird
Truss-Ultra Light
Truss-Ultra Light Oblique
Tuscan Condensed
Tuscan Loose

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