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I'm looking at a overhaul of our newspaper. We're currently using two typefaces, one for news and one for features, but the Guardian's redesign a couple of years ago - especially the mono-typeface all the way through - interests me.

Does anyone have any suggestions for other families of typefaces that could be used throughout a newspaper for both body and headlines with a range of thicknesses and an italic style? We're looking at using 9pt on a 10.75pt baseline grid for body and headlines up to about 90pt. We're more of a news magazine though, our format is just a little smaller than tabloid and printed on silk 115gsm.

The paper is going for quite a spacious look too, especially on feature pages.

Any pointers would be great! Cheers...

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Perhaps Whitney would be a good choice...

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Or maybe something by Gerard Unger? He made a lot of specialized newspaper typefaces. Like Gulliver, Capitoleum and Capitoleum News.

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Thanks some great suggestions, I quite like Greta at the moment - although the 'g' does seem a little harsh, if that had a rounder 'g' then it could be the clear cut winner. Or maybe I shouldn't be so picky....

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Just ask Peter Biľak if you're not entirely happy with that letter. Unless your suggestion is plain weird I don't see why he wouldn't consider a slight customization on your newspapers behalf.

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Miller Daily with Miller Headline. Or any of the other terrific news faces from FontBureau.

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especially the mono-typeface all the way through

This is actually one family with five 'members', Guardian Egyptian, Guardian Sans, Guardian Text Egyptian, Guardian Text Sans and Guardian Agate, with each 'member' comprising of several styles & weights.

So to say 'the mono-typeface' is a little erroneous and misleading! Are you actually looking for a sans/serif combo?

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Arnhem! with Arnhem Fine for headlines. Delish.

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I like Carter's Fenway in Le Monde.

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If you can wait a couple of weeks, you'll be able to mix up Meta & Meta Serif. I can attest that the Black weights of MetaS make killer headlines!


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DSType has the Leitura Type System, and it would match what you're looking for. I'm thinking of using it myself for a re-design that I have coming up for my school's newspaper :)

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