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This uses the same font as the Mobil logo, and since both names contain 'o' and "il", I immediately thought of Mobil.

Your second logo seems forced - that is, the breaks in the letterforms don't flow well with the logo.

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what about the use of the ligature?

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I like the second version a lot - except the "1", which I'd prefer either not splitted at all, or only in two pieces, because cutting the stem in two seems totally causeless and disturbing.

And no, the logo doesn't remind me of mobile at all -- not even after reading about this possible resemblance. Maybe it's partially because I've never seen the Mobile logo in black-and-white.

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I also do not think of mobile when I see this.

I think the cuts in the "1" and "e" get a little too busy.

I like the e with those cuts on it's own, but I am not sure it's working well with it's environment. Try taking out a cut or two. See what happens.

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