(x) Le Fabuleux Destin d'Am

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any of you recognize the font in this movie poster?
(it's a wonderful film by the way.)

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After I saw Amelie I went on a mad fonthunt for
that script. Along the way I ran into scores of
great frenchie brush scripts like Chaplin,
Pepita, Impuls, Stentor, Charme, and Palette,
but none of those are it. Could be a custom job.

I kept seeing the names Imre Reiner, Helmut
Mattheis, and Martin Wilke associated with the
style - so maybe searching for the work of those
boys will help.


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Yep, they are pretty close. A custom typeface? For a little French movie? Really? Imre Reiner's work is so close, but it's not it...

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After talking to the Triangelfilm Art Director, I now know the name of the font: OPTI Champion Script. Anyone knows who is the distributor?

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How kind of the friendly A.D. to answer you
so quickly.

OPTI Champion? Wow. I'd never think to check
their stuff. It's so hard to find samples.
Here's OptiFont's site.

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Since you're in Sweden, was the same typeface used on the Swedish posters (I don't remember)? If that's the case, contact the Swedish distributor, Triangelfilm. They might know.

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