Holy toledo

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I just look at this little puppy in admiration. It is a wonderful instrument, and it lives in my pencil case.
I am wondering if the numerals are from a specific typeface, because I love them equally as much as my ruler!

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golly, you chaps are rather quick!

>By the way, I assume this ruler wasn't produced with type that is rounded

Maybe so, but upon very close inspection they aren't semi-circular rounds, but more like truncated curves. But thanks anway people!

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Check this thread for 'industrial drawing'-type numerals. ;)

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Nice cross-ref, Yves.

Helvetica Rounded Bold Condensed's numerals are the same flavor.

And don't forget about VAG Rounded.

Great numerals in Concerto Rounded, both Lining and Oldstyle.

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Mattias Jakobsson designed a DIN Rounded with wonderful
numerals, but it was bought by Albert Jan Pool, creator of
FF DIN. Hopefully we'll see it in FF's collection soon.

More on this at Typographica.

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By the way, I assume this ruler wasn't produced with type
that is rounded, but appears as such after the impression
was made. Nevertheless, I assume you'd like to emulate
what you see, so absolute correctness be damned!

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