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Hi all,

First of all thank you for the useful information all of you have given to me on this website. I am a photographer / slash / designer, and i am currently working on a project where i will be needing a Greek font for. I have searched on all the huge fontshops to buy a greek font that looks like it could be used for Tattoo lettering, but i can't really find anything but the standard fonts... :/
I really hope that someone can redirect me to some typefaces that support Greek language as well.

kind regards,
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Draw them yourself. I did so for a friend of mine, who had himself tattooed with Greek lettering. Archaic monoline glyphs work best.

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hey ludwig thanks for the reply...
well its not for my own tattoo, its for a game where we need lettering that looks like it's been tattooed. people fill in a name and it will then turn into a tattoo font drawn on a picture... (its silly i know, but i really need it). i've been looking for these fonts for a week now haha. and i seriously haven't found one site that offers many choices in Greek (if you are looking for greek fonts that are not minion, times, etc... ), i did however found the Script fonts that i was looking for on
.... but this tattoo font is really problematic!

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Here is the kind of alphabet I meant.

I suppose the feature won't be for Greek users only? And that perhaps you're looking for a tattoo-like font that supports all kinds of alphabets, including accented Latin, Cyrillic and Greek? That won't be easy indeed… But if you only need Greek chars, probably you could write them down, trace them and add them into the font. In this case perfectly even spacing and kerning isn't needed, I guess, and neither are well shaped outlines. Some distortion might fit a tattoo font anyway.

Did you go through Luc Devroye's exhaustive index page?

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Maybe something like this? This is Sava Pro Black, designed by Jovica Veljović, available from Adobe.

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